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SEO Services

Search engine algorithms have evolved over the years to make it more and more difficult to rank websites on the first search pages. Our certified SEO professionals are working with dozens of clients on developing and managing their SEO strategies

Performance Marketing Management

Whether you are looking for a performance marketing agency to manage your pay-per-click advertising or you are looking for broader growth marketing strategy development, Mint Digital Studio is your one-stop-shop

Social Media Management

The digitized world today demands from any business, whether it operates in the physical world or only has an online presence to have a vibrant presence in the various social media platforms and a keep growing strategy.

E-Commerce Consultancy

Whether you are an existing brick and mortar company and plan to cater to the online customers’ demands via Shopify, or you are starting directly as an e-commerce merchant on Amazon we can help you with the setting up and also in further growing your sales through efficient e-commerce platform optimization.

Creative Content Marketing

Creative and well-written content is not only important as a part of search engine optimization or growth marketing it is important in itself. Writing a great story or developing an excellent video is one thing, being able to market it, is a different game. Our capable content marketing strategists are well versed in creating content

Email Marketing

Who amongst us is not fed up with having to select all the unwanted emails without reading them and marking them all as junk before deleting them forever every now and then. Hundreds of spam and shady-looking emails keep filling our email storage space, and we rarely open any of them but many digital marketers still keep on using this tool for marketing.

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Brand identity

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