10 Cool Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A little bundle of joy is on its way! When you hear there’s going to be a new baby in town the news can bring delight to anyone, not just the mom and dad-to-be. Picking gifts for the baby shower can be challenging- you don’t want the ‘usual’ bibs and blankets but something that is quirky and adorable to liven up the baby’s nursery. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to help out the new mommy with nursery décor: 

1. Baby Crib


Sleep is precious and a priority, right? A baby crib is a must-have for the new family and the best nursery furniture you could gift. Check out different cribs that can be converted to a larger size as the baby grows. The new mommy and daddy will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness. If they have already bought a crib, you can help them accessorize with comfy mattresses and blankets. 

2. The Ultimate Care kit 

summer infant complete nursery care kit

Babies need to be raised with special care. They require soft, comfortable clothes to wear, sensitive products for their baby skin, a special thermometer, nail trimmers for those miniature fingers and more. If you aren’t sure of all the things they need, check out the Complete Nursery Care Kit. It is one of the best gifts you can give the parents. This kit will take care of all the baby’s need. 

3. Printable Wall Art


When thinking of baby shower ideas, printable wall art is an excellent gift! It can liven up the nursery walls, it’s a long-term gift and adds color and that ‘oomph’ factor to the room. Also, it is super-affordable as you don’t have to pay for shipping costs or wait for days to receive the files. They can be downloaded instantly- yes, make the most of this digital world.  

Check out some cool printable wall art at mintdigitalstudio.etsy.com 

4. Cool Door Signs


One of the quirkiest gifts you can think of- door signs! Families don’t need just “Baby on Board” signs for their car. You can also gift them fun and cute door signs to add to the nursery decor. You can check out different door signs for different age groups so that the family has plenty of options and can keep changing the door signs as the child grows up. 

Check out some cool door signs here

5. Car Seat Cum Stroller 


Yes, the family probably won’t need this right away but it is extremely useful in the long run. This amazing product can be used both as a car seat when the family is travelling as well as a baby-stroller when they take their baby out for fresh air. It includes cup holders and a reclining seat to make sure the new baby is super comfy at all times. 

6. Baby Night Lights


Why choose boring when you can choose fun? You can buy cute and adorable night lights for the baby’s nursery. Available in different animal shapes, they will be at the baby’s bedside as they grow up. Not to mention, they are a big cute factor when you walk into the nursery. Have a look at some baby night lights here. These will definitely be an original baby shower gift!

7. Closet Dividers


Imagine some cute miniature clothing- onesies, pajamas, outdoor clothing and so much more. Closet dividers will help the new momma organize her baby’s clothes according to each occasion. You can get closet dividers which have pictures of different animals, flowers, shapes and colors which also makes learning fun for the baby. Here are some cool animal print closet dividers. 

8. Pacifiers attached with stuffed toy


A binky is very often a baby’s best friend and also the mom’s. It can be used to distract the baby and keep him/her occupied while mommy is working on something or catching up on some sleep. These pacifiers come with a detachable soft toy, making them cute, cuddly and easy for the baby to hold. When the baby grows up and doesn’t need the pacifier anymore, the soft toy can be used as décor in the nursery. How cool is that? 

9. Baby Bouncer


It isn’t humanly possible to hold a baby 24/7, right? A baby bouncer comes as a big relief to the mommy and daddy when they want to catch up on some work as well as keep an eye on their baby. Look for musical and themed baby bouncers that are super useful as well as add color to the nursery. This is a must-have in a baby nursery. 

10. Kiddie Curtains


This might seem like something really simple but goes a big way in adding to the ‘feel’ of a room. Buy some cute curtains that give the room a personality, make it feel like ‘baby heaven’ the most beautiful playful place they can be. They also add a lot of color to brighten up the nursery. Check out some cool themed curtains here and choose the perfect one as to make your baby shower gift. 

Need more nursery décor ideas? Shop here – your one- stop shop to make the nursery the happiest place the new baby can be in.  

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