How to create a Baby Boy’s Nursery

How exciting! Create your baby boy’s nursery and prepare for the ride of your life! Boys are a roller coaster ride, a Big Wheel race, a mud puddle battle, a biology field trip in the back yard. They’re in action all the time, except when they’re asleep. Then they’re angelic and peaceful, until they wake up 5 minutes later. And they’re off again!

Boys are naturally bigger, stronger and tougher than girls. While girls are the care givers, boys are the hunters and protectors. But they have their tender side, too. Moms need to know that. Be watchful that it doesn’t get stomped out. Your fierce dragon slayer needs to have a cuddle and a bedtime story.

Our favourite colors for baby boy’s nursery

Remember that your sweet baby boy won’t be tiny for long. He’ll be wanting a Big Boy room before you’re ready to completely redecorate.


Probably a better approach would be to visualize his room as he would like it ten or a dozen years from now. When he’s closer to junior high age, on his way to becoming a man, work backwards from there. Go ahead and get for your baby boy’s nurserythat big, clunky, comfy easy chair or couch. It will be a wonderful place to read stories to him, or for that 2 am feeding. Put a braided rug, or a printed one, on the floor instead of a rya or Oriental. Go bold with colors. 


Add some colorful throw pillows to your baby boy’s nursery – they are named that for a reason, you know. Baby will take that as a suggestion, and throw them he will!


Give him space.

Both boys and girls need exercise, that’s true. Boys typically go at things with more gusto, so they need more room to maneuver. Once your baby guy learns to crawl, he’ll explore every corner of his room. When he starts to pull up, make sure whatever he grabs is sturdy. A nice, squatty footstool is ideal. And when he takes that first step, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Photos of model baby boy’s nursery rooms usually show them as spotless. Who keeps the toys picked up there and cleans the walls, is what I’d like to know. On the other hand, there’s plenty of space to move around.

Dual-usage furniture.

As with your daughter, your son’s crib should be convertible to a full size bed as he grows. Some transforming cribs require a kit to make the upgrade, some don’t. And depending on where you order it, you can even get free shipping!


Avoid décor themes, but…

I’ll mention this one pairing that would work really well, if your little man (or your big man) is into pirates. On your baby boy’s nursery walls, mount this series of pirate wall art:

On the floor below, stow adorable and sturdy pirate chest toy boxes. Yes, I know this isn’t the actual piece of furniture, just the plans for it. Talk someone who loves you into making it for you. It will become an heirloom, I promise!


Up against the wall

Boys need just as much visual interest as girls, though it’s a different kind. While girls are attracted to faces, boys generally pay more attention to shapes and colors. Not that you should avoid family photo galleries with boys. But mobiles are more interesting to baby boys. Go figure.

Wall art in a baby boy’s nursery can be animals, of course, and pirates (what a combination). But also consider things Boho, such as feathers, arrows, deer and dream catchers… Different shapes of leaves are good, too!


Form and function

The main thing to remember in planning a baby boy’s nursery is how it will be used as he grows. It will go from sleeping room to obstacle course to walking track to hiking trail to race course. And back to sleeping room! He’ll have adventures on the high seas, in outer space, on the tallest mountains. If you’re very fortunate, you’ll be invited to go along. Make sure you’re ready for the trip!

Check in!

Be sure to contact us with suggestions that other Moms would like, or tell us of unique boy’s décor that worked well for you. Send photos and you may be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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