How to create a Gender Neutral Nursery

A ‘gender-neutral nursery’ at first sounds pretty unexciting, doesn’t it? Yet, there are some good reasons for taking an approach different from All-Boy or All-Girl. And you may find that you have more creative freedom going this way. Let me explain!

Gender Reveal is a thing.

You’re probably invited to an exciting gender-reveal party every week. I get it. Knowing whether you’ll be welcoming little Sam or tiny Samantha is fine for planning. It’s especially helpful when a new Mom has zero extra time for searching out the perfect pirate. Or that adorable little pink unicorn. (As it happens, we have both a nautical print set and a terminally cute unicorn nursery wall art, but I digress!)

Are you the adventurous type? Love to be surprised? When a friend was expecting, everyone was certain the baby would be a girl. Baby shower gifts were all pink and frilly. So sure were they, that the sonogram tech was advised to keep the secret to herself. At birth, the OB announced happily that they were the proud parents of a healthy SON!

Twins! Or more!

It’s not uncommon to get more than you bargain for. Enjoy the blessing, whether double or triple! And you may be getting ready to have a brother and a sister, in one go.


When twins are on the way, fraternal twins have a 50/50 chance of being one each, a boy and a girl. If your twins are identical, they’re always the same gender. Basically, you have about a 33% chance of having twins who are a boy and a girl. Don’t ask me about the math. Please.

Sharing the love.

You might be considering the adventure of adoption. Be aware that sometimes you might not have a choice on whether you’re awarded a boy or a girl. And be prepared to be surprised. You may be kept in the dark until the day the call comes to tell you that your blessing has been born. Oh, and that you have a week or less to bring him (or her) to your home from the hospital.

Sometimes you may specify boy or girl, but that may not work out. If it would bother you (as it would me!) to welcome a boy baby into a pink, frilly girl’s nursery, helpful hints follow! Remember, these are guidelines only, and not carved in stone. Follow your heart and decorate to your own liking. Be flexible and willing to change décor. And most of all, enjoy the journey! So, how do you create a gender-neutral nursery that’s still chic and playful? 

How can you create a chic and playful gender-neutral nursery? 

Start in neutral. For creating a Gender-Neutral Nursery choose beige, tan, cream, rosy grey (yes, there is such a thing), or a soft, light grey for walls and place nursery wall art anywhere for a pop of color. You can also add rugs of a different color or shade to accent. Neutrals are unassuming and easy to work with. Guess that’s why they’re called ‘neutrals’. Pair cream with soft grey or tan for a nice contrast. You can even add brown here and there for interest.


In years past, the go to colors for gender-neutral nursery décor used to be yellow or green. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But there’s only so much you can do with them. And usually you have to combine some other color with either of those offerings, to avoid being overwhelmed. Plus, you have to use a lot of Kilz to paint over them successfully when you change your mind about wall color. Just saying!

Just about any shade of grey is gender-friendly, from lightest to relatively dark. And it accepts almost any color as an accent, from pink to blue to purple to red to gold. But don’t limit yourself. If you prefer olive green for your nursery walls, go for it. And for accents, you can even use vibrant primary colors. Remember, it’s your space too.

Baby’s Wall Art Gallery for Gender-Neutral Nursery.

Museums display artwork in groupings of different sizes. So use the same design principle on your own walls. Items of different sizes and shapes are more likely to hold interest. Also, art isn’t limited to walls in a museum. Place interesting and fun (and durable!) things within Baby’s reach. 

Animal Prints are great for both boys and girls room. How about botanical prints? There are plenty of different great options for your gender-neutral nursery such as succulent or leaves wall art!


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