How to choose Nursery Prints

Congratulations, it’s time to decorate your baby’s room and choose your nursery prints! What an exciting time! And, honestly, it could be stressful too, until you remember that what goes up on the walls can easily come down and go somewhere else. In fact, changing your baby’s room periodically is more interesting to your little one. What will your baby see tomorrow when wakes up? Flowers? Deer?

Nursery prints are perfect for changeable nursery wall décor! Consider hanging pegboard on one wall to avoid having to cover up nail holes or adhesive when you switch artwork or repaint. Of course, it depends on your level of OCD what approach you choose!

Mix things up! Use your imagination when choosing nursery prints.

Nursery prints choices can be in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Help baby recognize that not everything on the wall must be in a rectangular frame. Mix your shapes. Nautical prints naturally offer many different shapes to capture Baby’s attention.

Baby animal prints come in all different sizes and colors. Choose cute characters or more realistic portraits to complement your woodland or jungle theme nursery. 


Use a large piece on a wall, with a few smaller items to complement (printable wall art can be made in the size you prefer). Try different groupings of similar-sized prints. Put several small to medium frames in a horizontal row, or in a vertical stack, or diagonally, or staggered. Family portraits work well here, or series such as flowers or deer.

Think ahead. Life happens.

Choose nursery wall art that is lightweight and unbreakable. Here again, nursery prints are perfect! Certainly, your wall art don’t have to be cheaply made but keep in mind that if baby can reach things, they’re fair game for being touched, tasted, thrown and thwacked. Then, too, sometimes things do fall off the walls for one reason or another.

Avoid sharp corners, heavy pieces or artwork that can entangle baby, especially mounted on the wall above his bed. Many of our printable wall art will look great in round or oval frames! Check out our nautical wall art, for example. And our Safari nursery prints. Plus, of course, your choice of floral wall art for your little Princess. So many options!


Purple does go with yellow! Don’t be affraid of mix and match your nursery wall art.

Matching the colors isn’t so terribly important, especially with artwork you really love. Pair a yellow sunflower with a series of purple flowers! Besides, you probably already have the next display layout in mind. Our nursery printable wall art is so affordable, you can change the arrangement every month if you like.

On the other hand, if color coordination is important, watch this! In our search box, enter the color you want. Here, we’ve picked ‘blue’. And – wah-lah! Instantly your color choices are grouped for easy ordering!

We have so many flowers, however, that you might want to narrow it down to, say, ‘white flower’ or ‘red flower’, or similar. And what about a set of camera prints? Our nursery print collection is growing constantly, so check back often for new releases!

Stay flexible, embrace change.

Think ahead to the day that baby moves from crib to big kid bed, and plan your kid room’s décor with that in mind. Most likely your Bundle of Love will be ready for a change of artwork too. Switch out the jungle or woodland animals for more true-to-life portraits. True enough, most deer don’t walk around in the woods with flower crowns, but still… you get the idea.

It may help to ‘reverse engineer’ this concept somewhat. Better write this down and diagram it, so you don’t forget. Think about how you’d want this room decorated to please yourself. Ultimately, that’s how it will work out, you know. Then go back a step and imagine how it would look when your child is a teenager. No screaming, now – you can shut the door on the chaos.

Take another step back and plan for the elementary school years, complete with study desk and good lighting, a bookcase, and lots of storage space. And finally, you’ll arrive back here, planning for your baby’s arrival or the room transformation from man cave to nursery.

Reach out!

When you have a flash of inspiration or a question, feel free to contact me. Let me know of future nursery prints designs you’d like to see, make comments on existing ones, whatever!

Life is sweet!


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