How to create a Baby Girl’s Nursery

Congratulations! It’s time to create your baby girl’s nursery! You know you want pink – LOTS of pink. But, avoid making everything the same shade. There are so many hues of pink, that you can make it all coordinate. And your little Princess’s room won’t look like the inside of a bottle of stomach remedy. Personally, I’d stay away from a color named Dead Salmon, though.

There is a difference.

Girls grow up to be women, equipped to bring forth their own babies. This explains why little girls are more attracted to dollies and baby animals. It’s also why they love to play Mommy. Build a supply of cuddly dolls and stuffed animals for your little angel to care for. And be sure to remember the dolly cradle. You can also decor her bedroom walls with animal nursery wall art! We have adorable woodland and jungle nursery wall art to add that final touch to your baby girl’s nursery.


Choosing Wall Art for your Baby Girl’s Nursery.

Baby girls key on faces, rather than objects. A portrait gallery would be good, featuring family at first. Her friends can be added later. The frames don’t have to be all the same size or all in perfect lines. Baby may insist later that they must be exactly lined up, with 2 inches between each one. That’s part of her learning process. Decorate her nursery with change in mind!

Teach your little artist how to use a simple camera, if she’s interested. We have an adorable set vintage camera wall art set to get things started. When she’s old enough, help her to make her very own gallery for the photos she takes. Put her personal collection low enough that she can easily see and reach the photos.

In this case, glass in the frames is not necessary and possibly even a hazard. But you’d be wise to make copies of the cutest photos she takes and mount each properly. They’ll make awesome gifts later, that she’ll cherish forever!  

Going mobile… not so much here.

Baby girls, as mentioned before, prefer to look at faces rather than mobiles. And to be honest, even the most artistic mobile using faces or heads is, well, creepy. But girls do love beautiful shapes and colors (bling!). If you really want something hanging from above to catch her interest, replace the overhead light with the coolest chandelier in your budget.


Yes, I know it will be a pain to dust. But imagine the morning light sparkling on the crystal prisms! I’d love waking up to see that, wouldn’t you? Just remember to place Baby’s crib well away from directly under it!

Make her feel like the princess that she is.

Your baby girl wants to feel special, and important. That’s one of the central ideas of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Great book, read it if you haven’t already.

Quality, sturdy hardwood furniture is a good start for your baby girl’s nursery. Make sure it has a satiny finish, pleasing to the touch. And fitting for a princess! It doesn’t have to be super expensive, but choose versatile pieces that can be used for life. Some companies offer free shipping. Bonus!

For the baby girl’s nursery royal floor, lay down a luxurious rug for Her Highness. Again, not super expensive, but lush. Maybe colorful, maybe not. Choose one that’s easy to clean, though. This is a baby’s room, after all.

Floor pillows provide a cozy place for your little girl to cuddle with her dolls and stuffed animals. Or read her books. Or talk to her little friends. And they’re right there, handy for a nap in a hard day of playing.

Fun extras.

Place a teepee in the corner for a hideaway. Or, if you have a card table, make or buy a card table covering that converts it to a magical fairy house.

Build a simple toy box, maybe one that doubles as a bench. Or ask a friend to build it for you. Looks like an afternoon project, ready to sand and paint.

I could go on and on…

There are gazillions of little touches and fun things you can do to make your Baby Girl’s Nursery her own. Too many to even mention here! But the brilliant thing is, these are ideas to get you started.

Send us photos of your own Princess nursery, and we’ll post the cutest ones on our Facebook page. This sounds like a great opportunity for a contest, with prizes!

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