Style the Woodland Nursery of your dreams

So, you are eager to welcome home your little bundle of joy, but are you all prepared? What about the nursery décor? Don’t you feel your cute little one deserves to be welcomed in a special way?

If you are an expectant mum and dreaming about creating an out of the ordinary nursery for your baby, well, you are on the right place. Cartoon characters are the popular nursery décor choice but don’t you think they are very common and everywhere to be seen? We suggest you make a unique nursery, just as distinct as you! Think out of the box and choose one of a kind wall art, blankets and other furnishing that can create a remarkable appeal. A woodland nursery, perhaps?

Woodland nursery theme for a charming space

While there are numerous nursery wall art options, ‘woodland nursery theme’ is the trend and going to stay here. Since it creates a rustic feel and incorporates nature, it will not fade away soon. 

Woodland nursery is also gender-neutral. So, it really doesn’t matter whether your baby is a boy or a girl. The theme gets along with any gender and creates a fresh and cool feel for the moms as well that are just starting to experience the stress that comes along with motherhood.

Choosing colors for your dream woodland nursery

A nursery can be neutral and pleasing or colorful and bright. It can be created to suit your taste. However, remember this is woodland nursery and requires earthy colors to align with the theme. Brown, cream, gray, woody green, light blue, beige and white are the common colors chosen to build a woodland nursery. You are free to add more striking colors to create a bright contrast, your baby will love that! Explore our printable wall art that comes in a wide range for you to choose from.


Crib bedding

Choose a crib that comes in earthy tones and buy bedding accordingly. You can find a number of bedding options out there but organic cotton sheet is the best choice since it allows air movement and keeps your baby healthy and fine. Your baby will feel comfortable and enjoy sleeping on such bedding. Crib can also be decorated with lovely animal printed sheets or flowery printed ones to bring in the ultimate rustic feel.

Woodland nursery furnishing

One your have set up the crib, it is time for real fun and creativity. Bring alive your innovative thoughts, buy amazing and adorable wall art and generate a rare woodland nursery. Check out our cute nursery wall art that pictures some of the cutest animals such as squirrel, rabbit, deer and bear. The options will make you spoilt for choice.


You can furnish the walls, especially those that are beside the crib and the ceiling with beautiful baby animal prints. Create a space your baby enjoys to the core.


Are you very particular about styling a gender-specific nursery? Well, no worries, you have a lot of options too! We have gorgeous animal nursery prints that can do the magic. Go for pink, gray and light blue tones if you are looking to style a baby girl nursery; for a baby boy nursery, brown and cream will suit perfect.

It is all up to your creativity and taste; a nursery can be designed in numerous ways and in fact, can be created to cross all your imagination boundaries. With a whole lot of nursery décor available on the market, it is not at all a daunting task.



As your kid grows..

You need to keep changing the décor often so that your baby doesn’t find his room boring. While pictures can be the best option for just-born babies, as days roll, you can include signs and boards that he can understand or find unique. Wooden hooks, wooden arrows, flower wall art and pictures of trees also make the space interesting.

Wall decals

Any baby will love animals. Pictures of forest animals can catch the attention of your dear child and engage him or her to the maximum. These cute, lovely animal nursery prints create an exciting atmosphere around where your baby will want to spend more time.


Our cute little deer, lovely fox and the other animals with mischievous looks as you can see above can indeed create an exceptionally appealing woodland nursery.

Waking up to see such sweet things can make the day for you and your baby. These baby animal prints absolutely make the right choice for woodland nursery.

Animal nursery prints can also make the perfect baby shower gift. If you are looking to buy some to gift your dear friend’s baby, you are at the right place!

More to know

There are some more points to consider while designing your woodland nursery. If you have a small nursery room, you can make it look bigger by adding a super big sticker, a vinyl sticker for instance that can cover an entire wall. A huge artistic sticker with pictures of cute little animals can be captivating. This also makes a great impact on your child’s brain since he or she tends to observe and learn things on his/her own. To align with the woodland theme, you can choose wall paint colors such as blue, green, yellow and white. Mix and match these colors to sync with the idea. You can also consider buying a wooden closet to store things and animal printed curtains for the windows.

Lo! Now your woodland nursery will be done and ready to welcome your dear little one!

You can be as creative as you can. Creating a woodland nursery takes some time and effort but once you do it, you will be all smiles and satisfied for creating a wonderful space for your baby. Make your motherhood exciting and contented; enjoy every moment of this special journey by styling your woodland nursery in a fascinating way.

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